4 Food without your weekend party is dull

4 Food without your weekend party is dull
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4 Food without your weekend party is dull

Being a host, you always wanted to be in the limelight, just because you have thrown such an amazing weekend party. You have prepared everything with a perfection right from décor to music to drinks to ambience. Undoubtedly, you want to set all the things right- why not on the dinner arrangements?

Let’s stock 4 important delicacies for your weekend party and adds to the enjoyment.

1.Mutton Seekh Kabab: Juicy hot chicken seekh kababs to match the contour of your cocktail perfectly. This delicious delicacy comes in a frozen packed form which is ready to eat as and when reached your place. Just grab it out and enjoy your celebration.MUTTON SEEKH KEBAB

2.Chicken Tandoori Tikka: the Delicious snack to go perfectly with your evening hangout. Marinated in Yoghurt and flavoured with the delectable spices, it is grilled on a barbeque. Best to go with Naan, Tandoori or salad. Give a tint with a variety of spice and raise a tangling flavour to your guest’s taste buds.Chicken Tandoori Tikka
3.Fresh Chicken Mince: Minced chicken is ideal for preparing those burgers, meatballs and even rissoles. If you want to add the twist to the dining experience for your guest at your weekend party, try out the fresh and chilled chicken mince in tacos, meatloaf and even with the sausages rolls.

chicken mince
4.Fresh raw chicken wings: Chicken wings are the best companion for your hangout with family and friends. Simply add them as an appetiser or snack food with your evening drinks. They can be baked or roasted in barbeque sauce or you can marinade them. They are skinless and delicious and of course nutritious and can fully accompany the beverages in the evenings.
With the above-mentioned inclusions in your party preparations, you can enjoy the appreciation from your guest. Mere add them in your dining list and forget about the lofty dinner arrangements.

raw chicken wings

Pull up your dance shoes and hit the floor. Have a great weekend!

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